BUFC And BUFB Series Filters

Trident Water BUFC Series Cartridge Filters and BUFB Series Bag Filters are developed and designed as a cost effective, efficient and reliable way of providing purified water for industrial and commercial applications. Ranging in single to multiple filter cartridges or filter bags design and with design flow rates up to 200,000 litres, these filters will meet the varying water filtration needs.



  • Comprehensive selection of cartridge filters to meet both basic or absolute filtration needs.
  • Melt blown and string wound filter cartridges feature a graded density polymeric construction for excellent depth filtration with high dirt holding capacity
  • Carbon block filter cartridges feature strong, uniformly extruded carbon block providing a wide range of chemical reduction capabilities and filtration performance.
  • Pleated filter cartridges feature absolute rated polymeric membrane construction offering absolute filtration, precise micron retention ratings, and broad chemical compatibility with minimal extractables for air, gas and liquid applications
  • Stainless steel mesh filter bag offers a robust, corrosion resistant stainless steel screen with choice of wedged wire, woven screen or perforated screen, for high flow particulate filtration applications.
  • Polymeric filter bag features a simple, cost effective, washable polymeric bag construction for high flow particulate filtration applications.
  • Design options are available to meet different water needs and budget
  • Ultra pure water
  • Industrial process water
  • Wastewater reuse and reclaimation
  • Brackish water or seawater desalination
  • High purity water for food, beverages, medical, bio-pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Indirect drinking water

Depending on the water problems and water requirements, a wide selection of filter cartridges and filter bags for various sources of water i.e. normal treated water, surface water, underground water, process water, brackish water, seawater, and water applications.

Melt Blown Filter Cartridges
Stringwound Filter Cartridges
Carbon Filter Cartridges
Pleated Filter Cartridges
Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Bags
High Flow Filter Bags