Our Services

  • Supply and Applications of Disinfectants
    OXYCIDE Series Disinfectant
    VIRABAC Series Disinfectant
    Peracetic Acid Disinfectant
    Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant
    Quaternary Ammonium Compounds,
    Glutaraldehyde Disinfectant
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Consultation, Analysis and Implementation Services
  • Water Analysis and Microbiology Contamination Testing
  • Equipment and Pipe Network Disinfection Services
  • Water Contact Surface Disinfection Services
  • On-site Disinfection Services
  • Biofilm Removal Services
  • Process Water and Product Piping Disinfection
  • Reservoirs and Connecting Piping Disinfection
  • Conmplete Building Piping Distribution Installation, Upgrade, Refurbishment and Disinfection Works
  • Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection Services
  • In-Situ Disinfection (ISD) and Clean-In-Place (CIP)