Drinking Water

  • Preservation and disinfection of drinking water.

Food and Beverages Industry

  • Preservation and disinfection of the production process water.
  • Elimination of wild yeasts and bacteria by treatment of the yeast wash water and yeast water in breweries.
  • Disinfectant water in clean-in-place applications.
  • Washing butter grain with silver containing water.
  • Production of ice with silver containing water.
  • Production and disinfection water in canning food and fish processing applications.

Wine Industry

  • Silver as a catalyst to eliminate sulphur induced wine defected through this process.

Water Filtration Industry

  • Silver impregnation in the production ceramic and carbon based filter elements.


Tri▲AG+-MMF Module

Trident WaterMulti Medium Filtration Technology utilizing a combination of media microfiltration preloaded with filter media (e.g. granular activate carbon, anthracite, softening resin etc), ultrafiltration membrane or reverse osmosis membrane to address suspended solids, particulates, scale forming minerals, microbiological contaminations such as bacteria and viruses and colloidal contaminants, ionic, organic and inorganic contaminants.

Tri▲AG+-ek Module

Trident Waterbased state of the art electrokatadyn silver ion disinfection system electronic dosing control module and silver electrode module. The silver ions are dosed to the water while it passes through the electrode system. The amount of silver ions to be generated and dosed is determined by the flow rate and silver dose. Silver ions is long proven, nature given, effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant and enzymatic inhibitor to address biofilm formation, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses, legionella, yeast, mold and fungi.


System Capabilities Tri▲Ag+-MMF Module Tri▲Ag+-EK Module
Removal of Turbidity and Cloudiness Yes ▲  Media Filter/UF Module No▲
Removal of Suspended Solids Yes ▲ Media Filter/UF Module No▲
Reduction of Water Hardness Yes ▲Softening Media Module No▲
Removal of Bacteria and Parasites Yes ▲ log 6 Reduction, UF Module Yes ▲
Removal of Viruses Yes ▲ Log 4 Reduction, UF Module Yes ▲
Removal of Organic Contaminants Yes ▲ Activated Carbon/ro Module No▲
Removal of Inorganic Contaminants Yes ▲ Activated Carbon/ro Module No▲
Removal of Ionic Substances Yes ▲RO Module No▲
Provision of Residual Disinfection No▲ Yes ▲
Removal of Biofilm Fouling No ▲ Yes▲