TRIDUTRION Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide products are specially designed and manufactured as simple, transportable delivery systems of two-component products that generate activated chlorine dioxide. To generate an aqueous chlorine dioxide solution, just add the right amount of two-component products into a specific volume of water. It reacts quickly to produce 0.2% chlorine dioxide and safe to use and handle without any specialist personal protective equipment.


System Capabilities Tri▲ Chlox-MMF Module Tri▲ Chlox-CLO2 Module
Removal of Turbidity and Cloudiness Yes ▲  Media Filter/UF Module No▲
Removal of Suspended Solids Yes ▲ Media Filter/UF Module No▲
Reduction of Water Hardness Yes ▲Softening Media Module No▲
Removal of Bacteria and Parasites Yes ▲ log 6 Reduction, UF Module Yes ▲
Removal of Viruses Yes ▲ Log 4 Reduction, UF Module Yes ▲
Removal of Organic Contaminants Yes ▲ Activated Carbon/ro Module Partial▲
Removal of Inorganic Contaminants Yes ▲ Activated Carbon/ro Module Partial▲
Removal of Ionic Substances Yes ▲RO Module No▲
Provision of Residual Disinfection No▲ Yes ▲
Removal of Biofilm Fouling No▲ Yes ▲
  • Proven and effective disinfection solution to microbiological and biofilm contamination., more powerful and effective than chlorine and any common commercially available disinfectant.
  • A wide selection of primary core components customizable for various special applications and water needs to provide Turbidity <0.1NTU; Bacteria Removal >Log 7 Reduction; Virus Removal >Log 6 Reduction.
  • Modular construction design with ease of assembly, disassembly and service maintenance.
  • Use of industrial grade twin-chemicals- Sodium Chlorite and Hydrochloric Acid, or stabilized chlorine dioxide tablets for generation of high purity chlorine dioxide.
  • Industrial process water
  • Industrial-  beverages, aquaculture,  food/poultry/animal farming,
  • Wastewater reuse and reclaimation
  • High purity water for food, beverages, medical, bio-pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Leisure- swimming pools, aquariums, water features, water parks

Depending on the feed water quality, water problems and disinfection requirements, a wide selection of primary core components can be customised and added into an integrated water filtration and disinfection solution for various sources of water and disinfection requirements.