I-GREWCEL systems are designed primarily to reuse water drained from baths, showers, washing machines and washing basins only for non-potable water applications e.g. irrigation, general cleaning and toilet flush. Wastewater originated from toilets, garbage wastes, urinals and kitchens , commonly known as black water, are excluded and not suitable to be treated with I-GREWCEL technology. Greywater generally has better wastewater quality and less microbiological contaminations compare toilet and kitchen wastewater, it nevertheless contain a mixtures of organic matters, suspended solids,  traces of microorganisms (in much lower numbers), oils, fats, soap, salt, particles, hair and household chemicals.

We provide our clients with systems and solutions that address their needs in areas of process and design engineering, system layout design, instrumentation and control, and treatability assessments. All the systems and components are skid-mounted for direct easy-to-install and easy-to-use. Combining the strength of premium-quality, dependable products, strong research and continuous development and improvement of flow efficient, cost effective, and robust engineered membranes to meet different applications, Trident Water brings you the next era in green technology innovation.



  • Comprehensive¬†¬† selection of cartridge filters to meet both basic or absolute filtration needs.
  • Compact, robust construction and modular design configuration
  • Water reuse recovery up to 90%
  • Inexhaustible reuse water resource as every premises generates nearly the same quantity of greywater every day, regardless of municipal water supply, fluctuating water usage and weather conditions.
  • Modular selection of wastewater treatment technology to cater for varying greywater reuse requirements i.e. irrigation, general cleaning and/or toilet flush.
  • Advanced Membrane Module comprised of the combination of membrane bioreactor and reverse osmosis membrane technology are designed to produce supplementary potable water in compliance to health guidelines for water critical or arid areas.
  • Irrigation Water
  • General Cleaning and Flushing
  • Process Cooling Water
  • Wastewater Reuse and Reclaimation
  • Indirect Drinking Water

Depending on the greywater problems and water reuse requirements, a wide selection of polishing filtration and treatment technology can be incorporated for different level of treatment to the required water reuse quality.