The features that were pre-determined to be essential for the demanding standards set by Trident Water®are

  • Broad Particulate Filtration Performance Range – capability for physical filtration removing the majority of particulates in the water.
  • Cost Effective – represents value for money in terms of its purchase price and economy in terms of its filtration flow, operating and maintenance cost
  • Simplicity – simplest is best – reliability, usability, servicing cost, and product reputation are inevitably compromised by complexity.
  • Ease of Maintenance – simple and infrequent maintenance is paramount for user friendliness. Complicated and frequent maintenance attention will lead to consumer frustration and lack of attention. The consequence will be poor performance of the product and poor market reputation.
  • Product Integrity – the raw materials and the manufactured components used in the product are of the highest quality in order to provide the high level of consistency of performance expected from a product bearing the Trident Water® brand name.



  • Robust, durable stainless steel screen construction for high efficiency, fine particulate filtration
  • Chemical resistant and brackish-seawater friendly composite polymer disc screen for cost effective, high efficiency, fine particulate filtration
  • Modular, stackable and flexible design configuration resulting in modular, compact footprint
  • Integrated Packaged Solution with  with TRiWAC2 Automated Process and Valve Controller
  • Intake Water
  • Ground Water
  • Surface Water
  • Reservoir Water
  • Seawater
  • General Process Water
  • Rainwater Harvesting