Twiga Series – full width

PES/PS/PVDF hollow fibre membrane technology to physically remove up to 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and parasites, and particulates larger than 0.01 micron (nominal), the same technology used to treat drinking water and wastewater in municipalities, industries, commercials and peacekeeping/emergency response missions worldwide. TWIGA Series is also designed to provide clean, clear and safe drinking water  according to US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and World Health Organisation (WHO) drinking water protocols from municipal water source, well water and surface water (e.g. lake and river). Combining the strength of premium-quality, dependable products, strong research and continuous development and improvement of flow efficient, cost effective, and robust engineered membranes to meet different applications. Trident Water brings you the next era in water filtration.


E.coli, Salmonella, Legionella etc

Bacteriophage, Coxsackie, Hepatitis ect

Giardia Lamblia, Nematode, Paramecium ect

Particulates and Solids
>0.02 micron or 0.00002mm Nominal
Unpleasant Impurities

Turbidity and Cloudness
Sediment, suspended solids, colour etc


Material of Construction UF Membrane – Hydrophilic PES
UF Housing – PVC
membrane dimension and memabrane area Type TRI – 8” Dia x 40”Lt (Custom Made), 30m2
Type AQ – 8” Dia x 60”Lt (Standard), 40m2
Type AQHP – 8” Dia x 60”Lt (Standard), 55m2
Maximum Operating Pressure and Temperature Max. 4 Bar, Max. 40°C
Design flow rate and Operating Flux Flow Rate : 1.5-8m3/hr per UF Module
Flux : 50-150 l/m2/h

  • TRIWAC2 Automated Centralised PLC Controller with selection of Schneider or Siemens PLC
  • Stainless steel backwash pump with soft-starter
  • Manual operated Chemical Enhanced Backwash (CEB) and Clean-In-Place system


  • Full PLC Controller with selection of Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider or ABB PLC-Graphic Operator Interface/HMI
  • Digital flowmeter, pressure transmitter and deaeration level switches
  • Integrated Automated Screen Pre-filtration System and Chemical Enhanced Backwash(CEB) Chemical Dosing System
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for pump controls.
  • Pre- and post UF treatment systems

NOTE : These specifications are intended for general planning purposes as we continually enhance these products for greater performance and ease of operation. Exact specifications will be provided in our detailed proposal. In order to achieve the best possible water quality, various factors need to be taken into consideration such as quality of water to be filtered, capacity of water filters, required flow rates, design of water filters and filtration medium used. For selecting the proper system for your specific application and water needs, contact and consult Trident Water®.

  • Hydrophilic PES hollow fibre construction with 0.01µm rated membrane for fine filtration of particulates, turbidity, bacteria, cysts, viruses, colloidal silica
  • Maximum dead end inside-out filtration performance
  • Large surface area per UF module for excellent throughput  resulting in modular, compact footprint
  • Improved and extended membrane life with Chemical Enhanced Backwash (CEB) and/or Clean-In-Place (CIP)
  • Integrated Packaged Solution with  with TRiWAC2 Automated Process and Valve Controller
  • Drinking water- ground water, surface water and polishing
  • Non-potable water rainwater/ stormwater reuse and irrigation water reuse
  • Recycled water and water reuse
  • Industrial process water
  • Pre-treatment  to Nanofiltration (NF) or Reverse Osmosis (RO)  membrane

Depending on the water problems and water requirements, a wide selection of ultrafiltration membrane for vertical or horizontal installation configuration.