E.coli, Salmonella, Legionella etc
Bacteriophage, Coxsackie, Hepatitis ect
Giardia Lamblia, Nematode, Paramecium ect


Particulates and Solids
>0.02 micron or 0.00002mm Nominal
Unpleasant Impurities


Turbidity and Cloudness
Sediment, suspended solids, colour etc


Material of Construction UF Membrane – Hydrophilic PVDF, Hydrophilic PTFE
UF Housing – PVC
Membrane Dimension and Membrane Area Type XCEL-MBR Cross Flow
8″ Dia x 3.0m Lt, 27m2Type XCEL-MBR Airlift
8″ Dia x 3.0m Lt, 33m2
Type XCEL-MBR Submerged
1.52m Lt, 6m2
2.41m Lt, 10m2
Maximum Operating Pressure and Temperature Max. 4 Bar, Max. 40°C
Design flow rate and Operating Flux Flux 20-150 l/m2/h
Integrated System Equipment & Components
  • TRIWAC2 Automated Process and Valve Controller
  • Digital flowmeter, pressure transmitter and deaeration level switches
  • Integrated Automated Screen Pre-filtration System and Chemical Enhanced Backwash(CEB) Chemical Dosing System
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for pump controls.
  • Pre- and post UF treatment systems

NOTE : These specifications are intended for general planning purposes as we continually enhance these products for greater performance and ease of operation. Exact specifications will be provided in our detailed proposal. In order to achieve the best possible water quality, various factors need to be taken into consideration such as quality of water to be filtered, capacity of water filters, required flow rates, design of water filters and filtration medium used. For selecting the proper system for your specific application and water needs, contact and consult Trident Water®.


  • Higher flux than most submerged MBR
  • High MLSS 5,000-35,000 mg/L
  • High age of activated sludge
  • Excellent mechanical strength, high thermal and chemical resistance
  • Physical barrier to microorganisms, active biomass and suspended solids.  Continuous retaining and returning active biomass back to bioreactor for intensify biological treatment process.
  • High quality effluent.
  • High rejection efficiency and removal of organic and inorganic constituents, solids and microorganisms.
  • High concentration wastes with space saving compact footprint
  • Modular design with future Just-In-Time system module add-on
  • Municipal wastewater treatment, recycle and reuse
  • Industrial wastewater treatment, recycle and reuse
  • Retrofit, upgrade and performance enhancement of  wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater treatment for high BOD and COD industrial  wastes
  • Landfill leachate
  • Tanneries/ leather industry
  • Textile industry
  • Paper and Pulp Industry
  • Marine Black and Gray Water
  • Food, Liquor and Beverage Industry
  • Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Printing Industry
  • Waste Treatment Industry

Depending on the water problems and water requirements, a wide selection of ultrafiltration membrane for vertical or horizontal installation configuration.